Monday, 15 July 2013

Cultivating habits - 30 Days challenge

We all know how fast our life has been. So fast that we can't take a break to ponder about developing a new habit. We are governed by so many external factors, reaching to office on time, coming back home in a gush because some unexpected guest has come up, again going to office if some emergency turns up. Even if we assume that we are not going to have any emergency and reflect over our typical routine that we follow, we may realize that we simply vegetate. We just pass out day without doing anything that is different and new. We find it frightening to learn new language or to develop new habit to go for a walk each morning. Similarly we find it impossible to give up old habits. Like habit of biting nails, it just happens.

There is a simple formula to change or create new habit. At same this this formula would add some spice to your monotonous life. Well this isn't a formula, its a concept - 30 Days challenge. I came across this wonderful thing when I was reading Matt Cutt's Blog. Matt works with the search quality team at Google.

Here is the Ted's Video that was recently done, where he talks about 30 days challenge.


When you will take up something new every 30 days you will get a chance to try your hands on things that interest you. It does not matter if you master it or not. Just do it. If you will enjoy it, you will make it a part of your "routine". Else you will abandon it after 30 days. But you will add new ideas to your mind.

Two challenges that I took:

  1. Read 10 new words for 30 days.
  2. Learn photography for 30 days.
I still add new words to my lexion each day. It has become a routine now. Photography is a new hobby. I don't do it everyday but yes I do it everynow and then. Note that I click things just because it pleases me and not because I want to master it. But if I continues to do it for long period, I may get a good grip.

You can find some ideas for challenge here.

Tell me which challenges you are going to take up.

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