These are few of the questions that one may want to ask me. I have tried to include as much questions as possible but still human mind has an infinite capacity. So I can understand that you may have more things to ask. In that case feel free to email me at trushit.vaishnav@gmail.com.

So here I go...

Who are you?
I am Trushit Vaishnav.

Can you please tell us little more about yourself?
Sure! Why not? I am a student and a teacher. In academic terms I belong to engineering field. In general terms I belong to same walk of life as you people do. I enjoy writing blog, reading blogs, learning, programming, teaching, talking, photography, tasting variety of foods and listening music.

Are you a photographer or a programmer or a blogger or a teacher?
None. I am a dabbler. I teach at my YouTube channel and on my website which is still in gestation phase. I love to take snaps of everything around me. Nature and landscapes is my favorite subject in photography. This is my blog where I voice my opinions on myriad of subjects.

What is this blog about? I can see random topics on it.
Gist of the blog is to help you enjoy every bit of your life. This blog is about learning from my mistakes so that you don't have to make them.

Are you a professional blogger?
I still don't know the meaning of professional blogging. So I would say no.

Can we see few of your photographs and youtube channel?
My experiments with photography - my photo blog.
YouTube channel is at this link.

I have some problem to share with you. Will you please help?
Ofcourse! Just email me at trushit.vaishnav@gmail.com and I promise I will get back to you. I don't say I have a magic wand that can solve all yours problems but if it is about decision making or emotional trouble I can at least make you feel better; help you get up and fight back the situation. :)

Are you a psychologist?
No! I say again NO! I am just a normal person who observes life a little deeply. Most of the problems are more about paradigms and not the mental problems.

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