Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Tuesdays with Morriee - Book review

The book I am going to talk about today is not some ordinary book for me. It is special because it was gifted to me by one of the compassionate friends and a beautiful human being - Riddhi Naik.

When I first saw the book, I could not make out what the book was about. Tuesdays with Morrie -  All I could make out was that, the book was about some person named Morrie. I felt it to be just another delightful book. But I was partially wrong. The book is not just another book.
If you go to some book shop, you may find this book in the "self help" section. But in my opinion this isn't a typical self help book which talks about getting rich and being successful. It is about living life.
This book is about the Tuesdays that Mitch Albom, the author of the book spent with an old man named Morrie, a patient of ALS and his teacher in college days. Morrie knew he was going to die and wanted to make best out of the time he has. One of the finest lines in the book is
Once you know how to die, you know how to live.
Mitch asks question to his beloved teacher about various aspects of life like money, family, relations etc. Morrie gives his answers. His answers count more than any of us because he knows he is to die. So his perspective of life is drastically different from what we see. 
Unique part of this book is the way it is presented. It is presented as a curriculum of life. And each aspect as a lesson. Mitch talks about class of life where there were no grades and only oral exams where one was expected to ask question to teacher.
This book is must read for those who feel that they have too many troubles in life. If you are one of those who gets affected emotionally every now and then, this book has something for you. In fact this book has message from everyone of us and everyone of us can relate themselves to this book.
But if you are one of those who just don't care about anything, who believe that life is a game and we should play it without bothering about relations and values, you may find this book "philosophical". It takes a thoughtful mind to really appreciate what the book is trying to convey. 


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