Wednesday, 24 October 2012

How to kill boredom and stress - guide for the bogged up mind.

Stress and boredom are two different things altogether. But sometime we tend to stay confused if we are stressed or bored. This usually happens when we don't know what exactly want to do. We all plan our things. But it may be the case that when we are planning; we are full of energy. So we decide to do lots of things. But then we end up doing nothing. Actually when we start following that plan, we start losing energy. So one should plan wisely keeping in mind the capabilities of oneself.

Here are few things that I do when I am simple bogged up with "checkmated" mind:
  1. Watch Baby’s day out.
  2. Spend some time with toddler or new born baby
  3. Spend some time with aged people.
  4. Watch birds and observe their behavior : For example how pigeon keeps on moving their heads and the mayna stands on one leg.
  5. Listen to the music.
  6. Meditate.
  7. Take a ride on your bike.
  8. Take a ride on your bicycle rather.
  9. Slow down. It is life, not a race
  10. Have a stroll.
  11. Talk to someone with whom you have not talked for a while.
  12. Read Quotes. Only good ones.
  13. Put your cell away.
  14. Click some snaps.
  15. Do some gardening.
  16. Walk bear footed on the green grass.
  17. Write a blog post about how you are feeling.


  1. Wonderful list. Point taken.

    I prefer to tune-in Robin Sharma's Youtube channel to refill my mind with enthusiasm! what say?

    1. That is great idea actually. But sometimes person is so bogged up that he would not even wish to touch the computer. This happens with be at times. I simply hate internet and all other means of communication during that phase of boredom.

  2. Good list Trushit. Some are really interesting.

    Boredom and Stress, being two different things, each is a potential reason for the other.

    Very good steps to counter that you have listed. Some of them also have their parallel, e.g. similar to clicking snaps is other creative activities like, playing music, painting, writing, .....
    And similar to cycling is playing some games (hopefully not on computer, but cld be), and so on.
    Basically the purpose in my opinion is to divert the mind. As probably many of us would not be able to 'master' our mind to control it, atleast diverting it for some time surely helps.