Saturday, 3 November 2012

Being good and innocent : practical perspective

Don't be too honest. Straight trees are cut first and honest people are victimized first.
- Chanakya niti 

We all know the "importance" of being good human being. In fact we all have our own opinions about it. There are people who simply want to be good just because they should. There are who are genuinely good (like my friend about who I may talk in few of the upcoming posts) and few are like me who really don't feel that it is a compulsion to be good and respond depending upon the situation.

If you belong to the last category, you probably won't find anything new in this article. But if you belong to first or second one, you ought to read it.

Being good is not a generalized idea.

At times whenever we discuss about someone (let us take me as an example), usually there are different opinions. While some may say that I am good, some may have the exact opposite opinion. This depends on their experience with me. Their experience again depends on their first impression and prejudices that I may have. So in general terms I am not so good. And am I bad? Nope!

Who that person is?

This again extends the above point. But at times there is really a deeper bias. There are people with whom you always be good no matter how much they hurt you. This relation is good. But can lead to frustration. So you may need to help your self with some bad moods gulping down the bitter things. But always keep some hope that you will always be valued. I can't ask you to change in this case because as far as I understand, it is really too difficult, if not impossible.

Taken for granted

If you feel that you are being taken for granted, it is an alarm that you need to talk. All it needs is just phone call to let them know how pathetic you are feeling. Don't expect sorry. It can create ego troubles. Remember you just need their little time. You are calling them to reach to them, not to go away from them.

Being good is not being foolish

Usually person will realize your worth at some or the other time. But there are people who are "Oh! So selfish" that they never really care about all this. They are self centered and egomaniacs. Trying to win them or be good to them is even worse than being foolish. Don't be so gullible. Think over this.

You are good then you deserve good.

I know that this is a mad and bad world but still if you are good you deserve some value. After all it is incredibly difficult to find genuinely good person.

Trust but not so much...

When you trust someone you are actually putting a rope round your neck and you believe that person will not pull the other end. But what if they pull it, even by mistake? Don't put around your neck tightly that you suffocate and quit.

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